Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mykonos, Greece

Leaving all the sweet memories of Crete behind, I boarded a fast hydrofoil to Mykonos, one of the most popular islands in Greece due to is iconic white buildings and wild beach parties. The ferry ticket cost me 79 Euros and I was considering skipping this island. However, I told myself that I might not ever come back to Greece and thus proceeded to purchase the ticket.

Well, it turned out that this journey was one big nightmare! I don’t know which is worse, the overnight train ride or this ferry ride. Besides being 2 hours late (which rendered this journey not to be “high speed”, in my opinion), many people threw up, including me. The ride was so turbulent that one’s diet regimen should include a daily journey on this hydrofoil.

I think Mykonos is hyped up. Sure, the pristine beaches and white-blue buildings are heavenly. However, these features can be found on other islands in the Cyclades. Furthermore, because the island is so touristy, it loses its authenticity. Even though Mykonos may have more stunning architecture, I enjoyed Crete more because of its people. The distinctive characteristic of Mykonos’ architecture, in my opinion, are the white windmills. Other than that, the island is filled with the typical white buildings in the area. Geographically, the island is quite flat and contains few trees. Thus, there were few, if any, panoramic vistas along the coast.

Lastly, I think Mykonos is an island one only has to go to once. That is, unless one loves parties and has money to spend. If camping by the beach with blaring music all night long is one’s cup of tea, then welcome to Mykonos! If not (the category I belong to), then jet away to another more pristine island without the noise.

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