Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kotor, Montenegro

I decided to make the trip down the Adriatic coast to Kotor, a town next to a fjord in one of Europe’s newest countries, Montenegro. The bus ride from Dubrovnik was supposed to take two hours, but after factoring in lateness and border crossings, the trip took around three hours.

The old town in Kotor is similar to Dubrovnik’s, with city walls and Venetian stone architecture. However, the walls extend up the adjacent mountain. Inside the old town were Orthodox and Catholic churches.

My absolute highlight was hiking up to Castel St John’s for the birds-eye view of Kotor, the mountains and the fjord. The scenery reminded me of what I experienced in Norway.

One intriguing story is that Roman and I took separate buses to Kotor since I had bought my bus ticket earlier and Roman found out last minute that they were all sold out. Thus, we agreed to meet at the Kotor bus station at around 10pm, when his bus was expected to arrive. I arrived at the Kotor bus station at 9:50pm and waited for 1.5 hours. He never showed up and I was not able to contact him since he did not bring his cell phone on the trip. I found out the next day that he came into Kotor a few minutes after I left the station. The long bus ride was due to a 2.5-hour wait at the border, quite unusual.

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