Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lakes Bled and Bohinj, Slovenia

I came to Slovenia for its Alpine lakes and they did not disappoint me! The most famous lake and the one that I originally came to Slovenia for is Lake Bled. On the way to Slovenia, some French girls persuaded me to also visit Lake Bohinj, which is bigger and more natural than Lake Bled.

Sorry for the cliché, but Lake Bled is postcard-perfect. The clear, turquoise, glacial lake is surrounded by hills with a castle perched on top of one of them. Furthermore, there is a small island on the lake with a church on it. I enjoyed walking around the lake and could spend an entire day just gazing at the turquoise water!

The second and my favorite of the two lakes I visited is Lake Bohinj. This lake is also glacial but has less of a turquoise color than Lake Bled. I prefer this lake more due to its natural, unspoilt beauty. Unlike Bled, Bohinj has few buildings by the lake. Bohinj also has numerous mountains surrounding its lake with plenty of hiking trails. I enjoyed my experience here so much that I could come back every summer for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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