Sunday, June 7, 2009

Normandy, France

To most foreigners, Normandy is famous for the beaches where the Allied troops landed on D-day and liberated France. I was in the area near D-day (apparently, Barack Obama would visit Caen, one of the towns I stayed in, 2 days after I left), but was not interested in WWII history.
Instead, I came to Normandy to try the famous Cs: Camembert (cheese), Calvados (apple liquor), cider, crepes (Normandy shares this famous food with Brittany). I especially enjoyed the Camembert and have turned into a cheese lover the short time I have been in France.

One highlight was my visit to the Bayeux Tapestries. This intricately woven piece of art depicts the Battle of Hastings, the reason William the Conquerer was able to claim the English throne.

Another highlight was visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral in Rouen. This is the cathedral that Monet so famously depicts in his paintings. It has the tallest spire of any cathedral in France at 150 m. Furthermore, I was impressed with the numerous statues and intricate fa├žade of the cathedral.

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