Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bretagne (Brittany), France

I next stayed in a town called Quimper, which is in Bretagne, the northwestern-most region in France. Bretagne is a fascinating, natural place, full of lush fields, open spaces and black-and-white cows. I must say that initially, I was attracted to the place due to its remoteness, distinct cultural heritage and gourmet crepes.

What I came to enjoy was Bretagne’s authenticity. Finally, there were no Japanese tour groups (and few other tour groups)! There were no famous sites to snap pictures at. Instead, one could be at peace and enjoy nature. I especially enjoyed the rocky coastline, pristine beaches and rolling fields. It was also an added bonus that I experienced perfect weather the two days I spent there. (In case you are not aware, rainy and overcast weather is the norm in Bretagne.)

One particular highlight was visiting Pointe du Raz, the westernmost point in France. Similar to other geographic “points” I have visited (e.g., South Africa’s Cape Point), this area was rocky and contained several lighthouses. I hiked along the coast north of Pointe due Raz to a nearby beach. I could see the Atlantic Ocean, the numerous coves and yellow wildflowers all along the way. It was indeed a relaxing and rejuvenating two days.

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