Saturday, June 27, 2009

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is the capital of the Tyrol region in Austria, the mountainous western part of the country. This region is famous for its Alpine skiing and Swarovski crystal.

I was originally supposed to hike the beautiful mountains around Innsbruck but alas, it was raining! Thus, I spent my one day exploring this small city. The city is scenically situated in a valley with a river flowing through it. The most famous site is the Golden Roof. Furthermore, the city is adorned with churches with onion-shaped domes.

The most interesting part of the day was encountering a group of people who were participating in their “Amazing Race”. They had to travel around for 1 Euro a day and complete certain tasks. I even donated some hair to their cause! My CS hosts Carina and Jonas got their feet painted. I was asked to join their race, but decided against it due to my scheduling with other CS hosts.

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