Thursday, July 16, 2009

Slavicin, Czech Republic

I got the rare opportunity to visit a Czech family in the countryside when Roman invited me home to see his parents. They live in Slavicin, a town in the eastern region of Moravia, by the border with Slovakia. This part of the Czech Republic was rustic. Slavicin was surrounded with lush hills and valleys. Animals such as cows, deer, chickens and cows were plentiful.

My stay in Slavicin was very relaxing. In the morning, Roman showed me the forest near his home where he frequently went to gather mushrooms growing up. I learned which wild mushrooms were edible and which were not.

The highlight had to be the hospitality that I received from Roman’s parents. Roman’s mother made sure I was not hungry. She cooked up a storm! This included vegetable soup, risotto, meat loaf with gravy, knedlik (dumplings) and kolac (sweet buns with jam and cheese). What’s amazing is that most of the veggies and fruit are grown in her garden, including cabbages, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes and ligonberries!

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