Thursday, July 16, 2009

Banksa Bystrica, Slovakia

Banska Bystrica is in the Low Tatras, a region of rolling hills and scenic countryside. The main reasons for visiting were to experience nature and to visit Roman’s aunt, uncle and cousins.

The town itself had little to see. Intriguing sights include a WWII-era plane, tanks, howitzers and a leaning clock tower. Much more memorable were the walks along the river and hikes amongst the hills.

The highlight was staying with Roman’s relatives. Similar to the Czech Republic, the hospitality was the best I have ever experienced. Not only did Roman’s aunt make sure we were never hungry (she cooked Slovakian goulash, a milder form of the Hungarian version) and Roman’s uncle made sure we had enough beer and wine, they even gave up their beds for us! They definitely served as role-model hosts.

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