Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dresden, Germany

Dresden, the capital of the German state of Saxony, unfortunately suffered massive destruction due to bombings during the closing stages of WWII. Nevertheless, the restored Altestadt (old town) is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Highlights of Dresden include the baroque Zwinger, a royal courtyard that now houses a few museums. The Zwinger contains architectural gems such as the Crown Gate and the Nymph Fountain. Moreover, I enjoyed viewing the Procession of Princes, a porcelain wall that chronicles all the Saxon kings from the 12th to 19th centuries.

On a side note, Dresden was the first place where I visited a McCafe in Europe for the first time. McCafe is the upscale, chic part of McDonald’s that serves coffee and desserts. The McCafe I visited had couches, comfy chairs and even outdoor seating. The coffee was served in glasses and proper cutlery was used for serving tortes. I was impressed by all that I saw; even the regular McDonald’s has some chic café elements to it, such as modern-design chairs, wall décor and flat-screen TVs.

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