Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sevilla, Spain

Just like the pasteis de Belem and fado are a must in Portugal, experiencing tapas and flamenco is what one does in Spain. Having already tried tapas (and definitely not the last time I’ll be having it!), I decided to go to a local bar to watch some free flamenco.

The bar, La Carboneria, is very touristed, but that doesn’t mean its quality has been compromised. I watched two performances. The first consisted of a female dancer, a male singer/clapper and a male guitarist. The female dancer was garbed in a flowery dress. She stomped, clapped, twisted and waved to the rhythm of the music. It was amazing watching her enthusiasm and energy! The second performance I viewed consisted of only a male singer and a male guitarist. In my opinion, his signing wasn’t all that more uplifting than the Portuguese fado.

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