Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cordoba, Spain

Andalucia, the southern region of Spain, is known for more than flamenco. This region is extremely sunny and thus is abundant with olives, fruit (orange and lemon trees all over cities) and flowers (which gives The Netherlands a run for its money). The region also boasts the “best” beaches in Spain and is home to the infamous siesta (locals say that they need to rest as it is too hot to do anything in the afternoon).

I decided to visit Cordoba because I had heard that it is one of the biggest cities in Andalucia, but other than that, did not know what to expect. I’m so glad I visited as it is undoubtedly one of my favorite towns! Not only does it have Moorish-influenced architecture, it has more of a small-town feel than Sevilla. Furthermore, I visited at the best time of the year as the city was hosting the Festival de los Patios, a competition in which homes compete to decorate their balconies and patios (courtyards) with flowers, vases, fountains and statues. These Moorish-style courtyards all have gorgeous arches and tiles.

One side note about Spain. I would love to live in Spain as life there is one long festival! Not only are there constantly free cultural events (e.g., concerts in the squares, exhibitions in public buildings, photo exhibits in the parks), but also a very relaxed, easy way of life. I can’t believe many Spaniards start going to the bars at around noon!

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