Monday, December 7, 2009

Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, the largest city in Queensland, is a modern Western city with many contemporary skyscrapers and apartment blocks lining its river. The city surprisingly (to me) is very international, with a healthy mix of Asians, Europeans and Africans. Brisbane is a hub for international students and working holidaymakers.

My highlights of Brisbane are actually outside the city. My CS host Nicola and I spent a Saturday morning bushwalking along the coast of North Stradbroke Island. There, we spotted two manta rays and a kangaroo. The beaches there were very white and the water, similar to Sydney’s had two shades of blue.

Another highlight was the visit to Daisy Hill Koala Centre. For the first time, I spotted koalas! The cute, cuddly creatures were very sedentary, preferring to eat eucalypt leaves while hanging onto branches.

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