Friday, September 18, 2009

London, United Kingdom

I have to admit I wasn’t too excited about visiting London, since it’s so culturally similar to the U.S. However, after spending almost a week here, I was wrong to think that way!

It seemed that everything I experienced or saw in London, I would compare that to New York. For the most part, London always was the “winner” in my opinion. For example, the people here are quite polite, frequently saying “excuse me” or “sorry”. Furthermore, the streets are clean and the Tube (subway) is well-lit, modern and efficient. I generally felt extremely safe in London.

My London highlight was visiting all those museums. Yes, it’s amazing how everything else in London costs a fortune once it’s converted into dollars but the majority of museums are free. I spent more than 6 hours at the British Museum and I still felt rushed. I also enjoyed the National Portrait Gallery, with the likes of politicians, businesspeople, or artists. Lastly, at the Royal Observatory, I got to see the Prime Meridian and learn about longitude and timekeeping.

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