Monday, September 7, 2009

Curchi, Moldova

On my second day in Moldova, I wanted to visit a village and see what real Moldovan life is like. Since I got out of the house late and most buses leave early in the morning, I was not able to visit the touristy historical village of Buteceni.

Persuaded by two friendly Romanian tourists, I decided to follow them to Curchi, which has a monastic complex. It turned out that the monastery was under renovation and quite small. Besides the nearby hills and farmland, there was nothing else to see.

However, the bus journey to and from Curchi made up for the lackluster monastery. I felt like I was in Asia as the ride was bumpy and crowded. By crowded, I mean that the corridor was packed with people like sardines in a can! On the way back, I had to hitch a ride as the bus was late and I had a train to catch.

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